Alisson Steffens

About me

Master in Applied Computing with emphasis on Artificial Intelligence and Game Analysis. Graduated in Computer Science (Univali), with emphasis on education, computer systems and games. I like to program 😁, in my free time I usually watch movies, play video games (mostly co-op) and read.


I have been working as a software developer since 2015. You can check out my projects for opensoure and personal works.

  1. Computer Vision SpecialistLumen

    I am currently working as a computer vision specialist at Lumen. I am working on Computer Vision projects using Python, OpenCV, Keras, Tensorflow, and Pytorch.

  2. Software EngineerXiraba/Weg

    I am currently working as a software engineer at Xiraba/WEG. I am working on a project that is a web application for the company. I am working with React, Redux, Node, Express, and Java Spring Boot stack.

  3. Computer Science ProfessorSalesiano

    I worked as a computer science professor at Salesiano Itajaí, teaching programming, data structures, algorithms, and computer networks.

  4. Computer Vision ResearcherCNPq/Cassie

    I worked as a researcher at Cassie. I was responsible for the development of a project and the image processing research.

  5. Software EngineerPortugol/Univali

    I worked as a software engineer at Portugol. I was responsible for the development of the Portugol Studio, a programming environment for beginners. I worked with Java, Swing, and JavaFX.