Alisson Steffens

Torcida Imperial

Torcida Imperial

Home to the world's largest eSports fan base

About the project

Home to the world's largest eSports fan base with over 60,000 fans.

Torcida Imperial is an open-source project that aims to bring Imperial eSports fans together in one place. The project was created in 2022 and has since been developed by community members.

Imperial Fan

On the site it is possible to create a fan card, and following the games receive rewards such as points, badges and skins for your fan card. In addition, on the website it is possible to follow matches and championships, as well as the latest news from Imperial eSports.

My involvement

In this project, I worked on the development of the fans' website. I mainly worked on security fixes and performance improvements, as well as making the site responsive.


  • react
  • next.js
  • Supabase
  • Redis